Touchstone Cambridge Classware 1-4 | 1.58 GB

Touchstone - is an innovative new series for adult and young learners of English. It draws on extensive research at Cambridge International Corps on the north- American English . Large database of everyday conversations and texts, shows how people use the English language . At the core academic area of Touchstone is a new management strategy conversation : how to start and how to end the conversation , how to ask or to ask indirect questions ... The result is an innovative course inlanguage and skills development that helps learners communicate naturally and effectively , even in the beginning level.

Touchstone offers a new approach to teaching and learning of English. Touchstone Whiteboard Software - software that allows teachers to submit complete lessons on the big screen or a "smart board "in front of the class . The software includes an interactive tutorial with a student video , interactive on-screen applications , audio and text tools , and much more. Teachers can choose and organize the content of the lessons themselves. This package contains software for Levels 1 , 2 , 3 and 4.
Extras . information: Interactive version is primarily intended for training in e- classrooms equipped with smart boards "(Smart Board) with the teacher. You can also learn on their own PC . Given that the course fully anglofitsirovan , I can say that it is designed for those who passed the school curriculum inEnglish . Rare prog , given its excessive price to the 500 British pounds ! Touchstone is a version of the book of the Middle East (Middle East) edition, which can be judged from the pictures and corresponding text.